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New Laptop (And The Anxiety Of being Without One)

I mentioned in my last post a long while ago, (and that alone is something that I hate, as someone who hates to just stop writing out of the blue like that.) I had a laptop that was on the fritz and not doing very good. And well . . . just a while after… Continue reading New Laptop (And The Anxiety Of being Without One)


Autism & Sudden Noise

One things that can really not feel good, and sometimes trigger a melt down is a sudden noise. The sudden noise can be one of many things. Like something dropping, to something bigger like an alarm going off. But I find that with someone without autism it can startle them, maybe annoy them. But someone… Continue reading Autism & Sudden Noise

Autism, Depression & Anxiety

Feeling Drained from Social Interactions

This could happen because of many different reasons. It could be that you have just been playing a part, or that you are just an introvert or that you just can't handle being around people anymore. But whatever the reason it left you feeling drained and tired. It can leave you feeling tired and like… Continue reading Feeling Drained from Social Interactions


Regressing progress & Autism

First I would like to point out that your autism does not get worse with time or on some days. But some times it might seem like the person's autism is worse then before. One thing that should be known is that a person on the autism spectrum be it higher on the scale or… Continue reading Regressing progress & Autism


Social Cues & Autism

Social cues are not something that ever seems to come naturally for someone who is autistic. Sometimes you can understand and pick up on them, sometimes not. Social cues are something that can be hard on an autistic person, with it being as much as a problem as reading facial expression. Sometimes its hard to… Continue reading Social Cues & Autism


Sleep Problems & Autism

Sleep problems in people with autism is common. It could range from trouble falling asleep, trouble staying asleep, and insomnia. A lot of people with autism have problems staying  asleep. And have problems with waking up often during the night. When they wake up during the night in can be for short or long ranges… Continue reading Sleep Problems & Autism


Facial Expressions

One of the most hard things for a person with autism to do is read facial expressions. Sure we can tell is a person is happy by a smile and upset by a frown. But other things can just be confusing. I find that I am routinely asking my friends and family 'What?' when I… Continue reading Facial Expressions


5 Things that Set off my Sensory Processing Disorder

In my post 'Sensory Processing Disorder' I went into detail about what Sensory Processing Disorder is and what it does to my senses. Here I will like to go into more detail about what those things that set off this disorder. Socks. One of the things that I have never been able to handle was… Continue reading 5 Things that Set off my Sensory Processing Disorder

Autism, Depression & Anxiety

Crowd Anxiety

I have mentioned in multiple posts that crowds are not my thing. Crowds are something that sets off multiple alarms inside my head. And it definitely not good for either my anxiety or autism. For the anxiety part of me it sets off alarms on how this can go wrong. Or just the anxiety that… Continue reading Crowd Anxiety